These are some of the "poems" I have written over the years.  I have written many others but they are too personal, particularly the love poems I have written to Julia.  Even these are personal enough.  I hope you enjoy them - I have taken a big brave step for me in displaying them here.

The "poems" you will find below are:


  • My daily promise - in setting me up for the day
  • Walk another mile - in helping me when I am really struggling with making a big decision about my life
  • I can be - when I am finding myself being something for others rather than my true self
  • Knowing you as I know I do - when I am caught up in preconceptions, assumptions and judgements about others, especially those whom I know really well 
  • What do you do? - don't you hate that question?
  • Stand still - when I am rushing around doing rather than spending time being
  • The Autumn Leaf - one of my first poems - essentially about moving to the next phase of my life 
  • On working through a moment of awareness - something that hit me recently where I found myself not being who I wanted to be.
  • I needed to see you today - a chance meeting with a dear friend and colleague stimulated reflections on how many wonderful interactions I am lucky enough to experience



My daily promise

I am going to enjoy today,

To seek its richness in every way,

Soak in its pleasures, learn from its pain;

I’ll not come back to today again.


I am going to love you today,

To wish you well, you who come my way;

To give, to bless, to bring all my heart,

To take ev’ry chance to play my part.


I  am going to value today;

To thank my luck for being this way,

To notice all the good life brings

And to listen to how my heart sings.


I am going to be me today;

To be true to myself – not to sway,

From the path I have set out for me;

And from the person I want to be.



Walk another mile


Walk another mile, my friend.

Just one!

And let the difference between this one and the last

Really count.


Start this mile as if you have never

Walked a mile before.

Make each  step truly precious; as if

It could be your last.



Each breath you take;

The spring in every lift of your foot

The firmness in every placing again.



Each gasp as new oxygen brings renewed sustenance.

And in each swing of your arms,

The energy that emerges.


Pay attention

To the beauty in each new space you fill;

To the gift that each moment of life brings,

In that moment!


Let go of each step as you pass it.

And worry not about the step after this one.

Just live and love this step!


Release yourself

From needing to make your decisions right now.

Trusting that, at the mile's end, you will make

The right choice.


Allow the richness of the tapestry around you

To pervade your soul for just this instance.

And love it!



The way that nature naturally supports your walk, without effort.


How your whole body synchronises itself as

You take each step.

How your knees bend, your muscles tense and relax

Your bones hold you upright, your lungs draw in

The source of your body's life.



The light that surrounds you with each hue.

Feel the breeze in the air, the sweat on your brow;

Smell the magic of the odours

That shift and twist with every space.


Experience the thrust of your heart as it

Pulses life through you in every second.

Listen to your soul as it quietly sets your direction.


And, with love in your heart, start the next mile.

Just one..... 


I can be

I can be who you want me to be,

I agree.


I can do what you want me to do,

Just for you.


I can see things how you want me to see them,

And feel like you want me to feel,

Just for now,



I can smile when you want me to smile

For a while.


I can cry when you want me to cry,

Can’t I?


I can sing (?) when you want me to sing,

And dance when you want me to dance,

Like a task,

When you ask.


I can run when you want me to run.

It’s done!


I can play when you want me to play,

For today.


I can show up how you want me to show,

And act like you want me to act,

Through the days

For your praise.


Or I can be me…


The me that hurts when you hurt

And smiles when you smile.


The me that frequently fails

And always learns.


The me that enjoys building you up

But struggles to say it straight when it might knock you down.


The me that often misses the point

But tries anyway.


The me that hates being judged

And takes it all too personally.


The me that floats in my own dream world

Not always fully attentive.


The me that loves you.


Knowing you as I know I do

What have I just missed

In meeting you today,

Already knowing you

As I know I do?


What in you was there

For me to learn

And love and nurture

That I could not see

For knowing you

As I know I do?


Is there something in you

That I will not see or know

Out of fear and dread?

Will you still love me

If I met you today afresh?


Will I still love you?


What does it say about me

If I did not know you

As I know I do?


Who would I be

If I was not sure who you are

In the unknowing

Of truly meeting you anew

Right now?


And here you are.


Where do we go from here?


Who are you now, today, this moment?


Rawness, excitement, edge.

Pulse racing – breath catching.

Face burning. Palms sweating.

Seeing you! Anew!


Do you love me? Don’t you love me?

Do I love you? Don’t I love you?

As if we were right at the beginning of falling in love again.

What joy. What delicious gut-wrenching tension and trepidation.

Thank God I am alive.

Thank God you are here with me!


What magic awaits us now?


In not

Knowing you as I know I do?


(Inspired by my dear friends in Relume and their book on the Challenger Spirit)


What do you do?

I don't do anything.

I am.

Only one little part of our whole picture - equally important as every other little part.

No more...and no less.

Available to those with whom I come into contact

To use when they want or need to

As a safe challenge to their assumptions and perceptions -  without


As a clear mirror to their behaviour and attitudes in developing their self awareness

As a route to thinking from the perspective of others in developing and

improving their relationships

As a source of energy and love in developing their self-confidence and trust in their abilities and instincts

To move on from without pain and come back to without recrimination

Without needing to be recognised or appreciated 

Without being judged or constrained or given any further responsibility".