I regard myself first and foremost as a lucky man.  I am very grateful for the opportunity of having worked with many really fabulous people over my career so far.  These comments below are from some of these people – who have either entered them on web-pages like “Linked-In” or have specifically asked me to display them on here.  I have been really touched by them because, not only are they very kind, they have all come completely unsolicited.


"Jeremy is universally admired as an exceptionally effective and innovative facilitator and a deeply caring person. I am indebted to Jeremy for wonderful insight, advice and encouragement."  Gordon Watt.  Independent coach and facilitator – was Director, Service Development, at T-Mobile UK.


"I am always impressed by Jeremy whenever our paths cross. He is excellent at facilitating solutions when there are multiple views; he is fantastic at challenging standard ways of thinking to achieve breakthrough; he is incredibly perceptive and sensitive to people's thought processes and needs; he is absolutely proactive; and he is a man of immense integrity in whom I have enormous trust."   Gary Palmer.  Now Programme Director at H.M. Revenue and Customs and founder of ROMIS Partners – was Head of Department, IS at T-Mobile.


Jeremy did sterling work in bringing together members of a management team with very divergent styles and agendas to work more collaboratively and productively. He is expert at teasing out and supporting resolution of unspoken blockers and issues. Unflappable and very personable, and really cares about what he is doing and who he is working with.”  Roger Flory –  now VP for Business & information Strategy at Cap Gemini, was Managing Director Business Technology at Marsh Europe.


Just about the best bloke you are ever going to meet on this planet.. Jeremy has a real understanding of where people are coming from and how you can impact others. He is 100% trustworthy. His technical knowledge around people, behaviours and organisations is amazing, but it's his ability to deliver it in a friendly, professional and mindful way that makes him so brilliant at what he does.”   Simon Moran – Head of Process & Change at London Underground.


"Over the years I have worked many times with Jeremy, each time focussing on team development. His approach enables both individuals and teams to develop. He is trusted by all those who he works with, often working through thorny issues and bringing about amazing results in terms of people's ability, capacity and capability to get the best out of each other. He is a very calming presence and wise counsel as well as a great person to work with."  Naomi Connell – now CFO ofVolkerWessells (UK) Ltd, was Finance Director of London Underground.


Jeremy and I have worked together on a number of client assignments. He is an outstanding coach and facilitator. He is insightful, knowledgeable and creative in his approaches. He is easy to work with and has absolute integrity.”  Jan Thornbury – specialist in cultural change and author of the book Living Culture.


I was introduced to Jeremy by a senior executive client as "the best meeting facilitator" she had ever worked with. He is an outstanding facilitator but I found him to be much more than this; he coached me through a big step-change in my business mission and a major personal transition. Jeremy is a gifted change agent with a solid blue-chip background, you can rely on him to create value in any situation.”  Brinley Platts – founder and chairman of CIO Development Ltd and co-author of the book Building Confidence for Dummies.


Jeremy is an exceptional change enabler. I have worked with him on a number of projects at different organisations and his expertise in handling people and developing strategic change solutions is second to none. He is particualrly adept at working with executive teams to bring shared meaning and understanding and toassit them in the co-creation of business strategy. He's also tremendous fun to work with.”  Clare Prochazka – UK Internal Communications Director, Logica