I have been professionally facilitating since 1988. The essence of my facilitation is based on process consultation – ensuring that the group takes responsibility for the outcome it produces in order to maximise collaboration and ownership of agreed solutions and actions.

Having received training from a number of organisations in this field including Cosby, KPMG, Tavistock and Sheppard Moscow, and having worked, over the years, with the mastery of Claire Breeze and Khurshed Dehnugara of Relume, of Darren Rudkin of The Mind At Work, and of Steve Dilworth amongst many other fabulous facilitators, I have continued to develop my own frameworks, tools, practices and some considerable expertise in facilitation.

I offer my clients the following uses of facilitation:

  • Problem resolution
  • Creativity and innovation in solution design
  • Strategy and vision development and co-creation
  • Conflict surfacing, conflict management and the handling of difficult conversations
  • Team building and working
  • Relationship building (in such aspects as stakeholder management, supplier management, customer relationship enhancement and feedback)
  • Collaborative practices within the management of change
  • Drawing out underlying, under-the-surface issues and problems
  • Confronting group habits and thinking and enabling teams and groups to see and react to the impact of the way in which they think
  • Leadership team development                     

I have worked with a huge variety of groups with many different purposes, from 2 people to well over 200 and I have a number of blue-chip clients who use my services on a regular basis

In recent years I have developed an expertise in running workshops in English for people where it is not their first language.  I also provide training in facilitation to my clients and in open courses.